It's not just a trip, it's your ticket to an entirely different perspective. 

The Utah Parlor Café-Lounge Car

The main area of the lounge has seating for 26 and ample standing room for still more guests to gather by the marble-top bar and buffet serving area at the rear of the lounge.

For seated dining, there is a private dining room that seats six and, in the main lounge area, there are fold-up side tables that provide seated booth-style dining for 12.

A well-equipped, well-stocked and updated kitchen provides a staging point for freshly prepared culinary fare.  The kitchen has all-new equipment, including a large refrigerator, a large freezer, a stove-top grill and dishwasher.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Utah is not a sleeper car and has no bathrooms, so this railcar must be chartered in conjunction with one or both of the other two bathroom-equipped railcars. With two cars, this adds seating capacity, as well as variety, for a daytrip that comfortably accommodates 50 guests.

Utah Railcar Rendering

Click the rendering below to view a larger size. 

The Utah Parlor Cafe-Lounge Car Rendering