You may rent one, two or all three of the railcars. The Utah parlor/lounge car has no restroom and thus must be chartered with at least one of the other two cars.


We are a group charter operator only. We do not operate excursions where individuals can purchase tickets.

The charter price is $5,000 per day for one car. There is a per-car savings if two or three railcars are chartered together. The charter price includes the railcars, linens, a mechanic and a manager; it does not include catering, liquor and Amtrak charges.

Amtrak charges vary with the selected itinerary. American Railway Explorer handles all arrangements with Amtrak for you and, prior to your charter, will inform you of the Amtrak charges.

Repositioning unoccupied cars (“deadheading”) to and from your starting point if other than Los Angeles Union Station costs $2,500 per day per car, plus Amtrak charges.