Amtrak routes, other trips, multi-day

Let us take you on a “land cruise” on an itinerary of your choosing.

Head north along the Pacific coastline to the Bay Area, Napa, or Seattle. Travel to the Colorado Rockies or the desert Southwest. Make a stop in New Orleans. Head toward the Eastern seaboard. If Amtrak goes there, chances are we can go there, too, subject to Amtrak scheduling requirements.

To take a look at Amtrak’s routes, visit:

Note: Please consult with us about your proposed itinerary well in advance. We must provide our request to link your chartered railcar(s) to Amtrak at least 30 days in advance of the trip. In a few cases, some Amtrak schedules do not allow sufficient time for connecting our cars. Let us know your preferred itinerary and we will make sure that the Amtrak schedule corresponds to your scheduling requirements. For trips involving extensive and complex planning, a non-refundable scheduling fee may be applicable.