It's not merely where you go,
but how you get there.


We link our railcars to regularly scheduled Amtrak trains and can go virtually anywhere Amtrak goes. Amtrak requires at least 30 days’ advance notice for our request to link to one or more of Amtrak’s trains. In some cases, due to scheduling factors, Amtrak cannot approve our requested itinerary.

While we can provide you with multi-day charters from L.A. or other travel points in California and throughout America, our most popular charters are daytrips from Los Angeles to San Diego and Los Angeles to Santa Barbara. These trips, as scheduled, take three hours or less each way.  We can also arrange for daytrips from San Diego to L.A. or from Santa Barbara to L.A.  An additional fee for “deadheading” (transporting unoccupied railcars to a starting point other Los Angeles) applies.  See Pricing.