The Railcars

Distinguished in every detail

All three of our railcars were designed in the fashion of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express by no less than that fabled train’s architect, James Park of London.

Our railcars are distinguished by their unsurpassed comfort and attention to detail, such as walls adorned with delicate bird’s-eye marquetry, custom-made burnished brass lamps and rosette ceiling sconces from England, and specially crafted European upholstery.

America’s finest railcars are now even better

Created in 1988, renovations on these magnificent railcars were completed in 2012. The railcars now incorporate new, state-of-the-art mechanical features (such as new generators, air conditioning and electronics), updated kitchens and sound systems, and fresh new fabrics, window coverings, carpets, upholstery and bedding. And recent P-2 safety inspection ensures that all federal safety standards have been met or exceeded.

Three distinctly different cars

Three railcars compose the American Railway Explorer collection: The Utah parlor café-lounge car, The California dome/sleeper car and The Kansas platform car (shown below).